5 important design details to keep in mind when building or remodeling a kitchen / by Kate Rumson

Today I'm sharing 5 important kitchen design elements that I often see as missed opportunities in kitchen design. Most kitchen designers know about these tricks but if you're planning on designing your kitchen without the help of a professional designer - I recommend paying attention to these 5 important design details in the planning stages of your project.

1. I always recommend taking wall cabinets all the way up to the ceiling with taller cabinets and/or moldings! This will give you more storage, will often help you hide duct work and water/gas pipes instead of having a soffit, and give your kitchen that custom floor-to-ceiling built-in look. 

2. Consider using under-cabinet electrical strips instead of wall outlets. With so many spectacular kitchen backsplash options available today, I can't imagine covering beautiful backsplash with unsightly outlets! These strips give you a lot more outlets and are fully approved by the national electric code when properly installed by a licensed electrician. 

3. Counter-depth or built-in refrigerator. I understand that they aren't as deep as standard refrigerators and give you less storage space, but there is nothing that stands out more as a design flaw than a refrigerator that sticks out of your cabinets by six inches. If you do have a big family and a standard counter-depth refrigerator isn't going to work because of the limited cu.ft. capacity - consider going with a built-in refrigerator, those are usually wider and taller to make up for the lost inches in depth.

4. End panels on all wall and base cabinets and most importantly on the island. End panels are often overlooked by homeowners simply because they are unaware that they are even an option. Yes, they cost a little more but they are paramount to achieving the look of a custom kitchen.

5. If you're using a range as opposed to a cooktop - consider using a slide-in range with control panel in front of the unit. This will give that expensive, build-in look and won't cover your beautiful backsplash. You can get this style in both gas and electric.