"There is a reason why almost 1 million people follow this account (yes you read that right): the pictures curated by Kate Rumson coagulate in a Bible-like ode to luxury Interior Design. American-style interiors have found their home!"


"Social media maven Kate Rumson juggles her personal Instagram and The Real Houses of IG account flawlessly. Her personal page shows off stunning decor, events and travels, all while giving you a dose of personality. (Tune in to Kate's Instagram stories and you might even see her being silly with the dog filter.)"

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Curated by Kate Rumsonthe_real_houses_of_ig shows off the stunning work of a variety of designers worldwide. Her collection features all areas of the home, interior and exterior, with an emphasis on pale or off-white palettes in spacious, modern homes. It’s easy to see why this IG gained so much attention: with more than 790K followers to-date, its dreamy, extravagant aesthetic with a penchant for creative, clean designs is a true feast for the eyes. To read more, click here.

"The Real Houses of IG is the creation of Kate Rumson where she curates some of the best interior designs from around the world: a paradise for those who love houses with chic interior designs."

"Kate Rumson is as inspiring as her Instagram page. She's an interior designer, real estate developer, investor, construction expert and social media guru. Over the last few years, she's racked up over 1 million followers on Instagram for a good reason. Her posts are absolutely stunning."

"See this Instagram for: a curated collection of America’s most beautiful interiors and exteriors with more than 1 million followers."